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Reinventing and revolutionizing a simple product is no easy task. Good thing we have your support! Thank you for shopping with us!

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Was Kickstarter right?

Colorful Closets

During our successful Kickstarter Campaign, we offered a limited edition “Rainbow Package” and it was pretty popular! We are thinking about releasing more colors and you can help!

Tell us what colors you would love to see in the Hanga collection!

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Potential Colors

Which colors will win?

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T-shirt of the Month
for November

The holidays are right around the corner and there is a lot to be thankful for. We are excited to bring you our very first Shirt Story in November! As a reward for your patience, here's a first look at the T-shirt design and an opportunity to buy one now!

The Hanga Promise

Create inventive products to improve and inspire your life.

We are on a journey to find better ways for you to interact with the world around you. As you change, so should the products you use. We are committed to improving your experiences with common household items.

T-Shirt of the Month

We're transforming
Relatable, fun, &
Wild Stories into
soft t-shirts

Our inventive, top-notch T-shirts drop jaws at the airports, stop traffic in the streets and make for the most random topics of conversation. Each shirt accompanies a quirky, witty story, and people can't help but stare, smile and ask - "Where did you get that T-shirt"? Or "What on earth are you wearing?"

Our Shirt Stories

New Products
Coming At You!

We want you to participate in our future product development. Your engagement is what makes the Hanga community special!

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The Standard Hanga

A Hanga for pants and garments with narrow necks or thin straps.